Carbon Hollow Bar to EN 10294-1:2005 E470

Carbon Hollow Bar to EN 10294-1:2005 E470

Hollow Bars are seamless tubes specifically produced for machining.

They are characterized by offering greater cutting speeds and longer tool life.  The European standard for hollow bars EN 10294-1:2005 replaces the list of older and national standards for the same product.

The dimensions listed by EN10294-1:2005 are the final guaranteed dimensions after machining with external chucking on a tube with max length of 200mm.  These are identified by OD and ID (the diameters are multiples of 5mm).

We can obtain the complete dimensional series listed by
EN 10294-1:2005.  We can also offer other sizes not listed by EN 10294-1 in order to widen the choice to our customers.

The main characteristics of Hollow bars are:
- Improved machinability steels
- high surface quality (guaranted by internal non distructive inspections)
- tight dimensional tolerances
- guarantee of the surfaces without defects with minimum weight loss due to turning.

The product undergoes the following tests:
- Heat analysis
- Tensile test
- Impact test (for N and QT supply condition)
- Electromagnetic test EN 10246-5 Lev. F3
or EN 10246-3 longitudinal Lev. E3 (*)
- Visual and Dimensional control
- Spectro test to avoid miscellaneous*
* not required by EN 10294-1:2005

The product is supplied with 3.1. specific test certificates, according to EN 10204.  We work with complete traceability of the product and the heat number is marked on each tube.

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